The Singing Chair

Moving on from the previous projects where I made tunes for rhymes, here are some ways I’ve responded to things around me, in the physical world and life online, which has become so important.

Quite early this spring when out for walk down to the sea, we discovered this chair placed in a small thicket by the path. I thought immediately of the ‘singing chair’ I use to encourage small children to give their first solo performances before a group. As well as a photo it needed a poem and some music – for the chair itself, as if it could.

A chair of blue plastic flatness,
Fantastically placed, and hapless 
Of still standing empty,
All in the Maytime trafficking air, 
Not so far off from freshness.
Black legs barely balancing on
Straight feet hesitant in the ground.
Found where swarm a million beetling creatures
Toiling and spoiling under their furling leafdom.
I am above all that
Made just for on to be sat.

This was my first attempt at using some music production software, unusually available free because of the crisis. The synth is the chair (see score below), the improvised motifs on natural instruments its chaotic natural surroundings. The rough unfinishedness is part of it – a track haphazardly generated rather than produced.

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